water tanks

Velan concast Water Tanks are manufactured to meet high standard. In today’s environment and water restrictions many people are choosing big capacity water tanks. Water become such a precious commodity today. Our concrete water tanks serve as an environment friendly choice for water harvesting as well as being free of chemicals and algae, we are constantly improving the quality, strength and durability of our water tanks through modern technologies. Tank heights and lids can be customised to your needs.

  • Advantages
  • Specifications
  • Offers a cool, clean and healthy environment for household water
  • Won’t affected by fire or climatic issues
  • 100 % Leak Proof
  • Won’t need to fix restraints in high wind areas
  • Can be buried or partially buried in confined or restricted situations
  • Manufactured with high quality concrete and raw material in a controlled environment
  • Economical
    • he savings add up to keep the bottom line down. When you think precast concrete, you're specifying economical. It will be achieved by less on-site labour, faster construction schedules, low on-going maintenance costs and longer life
  • M40 grade concrete.
  • Wall thickness 175 mm bottom, 150 mm top.
  • Bottom slag thickness 150 mm.
  • Top slab thickness 115 mm.
  • Steel Reinforcement Fe 500 grade. (10 mm, 8 mm double layer)
  • Manhole size 600 mm * 600 mm