customised products

  • Barriers
  • Footings
  • Electrical Champers
  • Stairs case

Velan concast has manufactured and delivered standard, common commercial designs and custom barriers of all types since its commencement. Today, we stay to be one of the leading producers of precast traffic control barrier wall products.

Roadway barriers are designed to keep vehicles from crossing into oncoming traffic, construction areas, and other obstacles. Barriers are designed to be a convenient way for transportation officials to direct and contain traffic while providing maximum convenience, strength, and efficacy.


  • Traffic lane barrier
  • Parking and security for petrochemical plants
  • Parking and security for refineries
  • Parking and security for shipping ports
  • Parking and security for airports

As a customer centric brand, we are manufacturing best quality Concrete Footings in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. The Concrete Footings offered by us are in massive demand in the market, owning to their sturdy construction and longer life.

We at Velan concast want to make your life easier. Mission of our company is to deliver quality, dependable concrete products while continuing at the forefront of invention. One of our featured products is precast concrete footing.

Advantage & Application

By our modular precast concrete pier, you can just prepare the site, stack the sections, and you are set to build in rain or sunny day. No lugging and mixing bags of concrete, no wet cardboard tubes, no mess, no excess, and no cure time. We made it simple!

Our footings are widely applied in numerous places. These can be bought from us at reasonable price.

We are one of the trusted brand in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. We are manufacturing and delivering superb quality Electrical Champer Concrete for our prestigious customers. The Electrical Champer Concrete presented by us are the creative combination of highly sophisticated technology, and reliably concrete and other materials. Moreover, these can be availed from us at reasonable price.


This large range of product provides operators with the means to construct chambers quickly and inexpensively without having to compromise on build quality.

Precast concrete stairs and landings are the ideal solution for fast track high quality concrete staircase construction. We provide a comprehensive manufacturing for both standard and bespoke precast concrete staircases and landings. The range is suitable for both commercial and domestic projects.


  • High quality, factory produced products
  • Fast and easy installation
  • No propping or expensive, time-consuming formwork
  • Immediate access for follow-on trades
  • Inherent sound and fire resistance
  • Precast concrete stairs are the obvious choice for fire escape stairs.
  • Maintenance free service and excellent durability are the inherent benefits of precast concrete stair construction.
  • Precast concrete stairs offer significant benefits during the construction phase of a project providing rapid installation and early safe access to subsequent floors for trades and materials.