About Us

VELAN CONCAST has compiled the traditional civil engineering parameters and have Pioneered with a comprehensive innovation derived from the vast experience , conceiving the concept of Precast solution. This new chapter of civil engineering excellence has become the basic need of global aspirations.

Mr. Velumani and his professional team has brainstem the contemporary requirement and were inspired in creating this cutting edge technology with an uncompromising insistence on architectural planning design and skilled workmanship and expertise tagged with international quality and standard.

The production unit situated Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India has 2 acre with adequate supply of water and electricity. The state of art machinery (Self designed) and other required equipmentand accommodation for the semi skilled personnel. The vast area can pile up requirement of steel,sand,cement etc., so that round the clock work can be executed, prompting delivery schedule.

  • Quality Assurance
    Our prime motive is to maintain our Brand name to the highest in business and hence no compromise will be entertained with respect to procurement of branded requirements. There by spreading the awareness and retaining the superior product profile.
  • Cost factors
    Uncompromising quality definitely demand a fair and competitive price yet flexibility can exercised based on the quantity and installation. Your payments are securely assured the best products enabling long term association with the company.
  • Area of Focus
    We focus on the utility products like water tank, Septic tank, Toilets, cabin Houses etc, Trenches, Drains., we are also constructing Precast Houses in the name of Concast House. We have customers in Industrial and residential sector.
  • Future Plans
    We have plan to establish our plant through out India so that the we can reach the customers easily. In the next three years Every house & Industry will have at least one of our product. VelanConcast will be the leading Company in its Sector soon and we expect the support from the customers.

    To persistently strive to build high quality precast products at rapid speed that meet customer expectations and satisfaction.


    To become a leader in the ground of competitive and challenging precast industry by employing qualified and highly skilled professionals and using state-of-the-art technology in the manufacturing of precast concrete products.


    • - Meet customer expectations and satisfactions
    • - Provide high standard and quality products
    • - Use state-of-the- art technology
    • - Become leader in precast industry